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written in collaboration with Corey Farrell

inaugural production of Warm Sandwich Theatre Co

presented at the Minnesota Fringe Festival

winner of Best in Venue and Underdog Award

Two "Moon Custodians" clock in for a normal night shift. But when the moon is stolen by the most notorious space cowboy, a chaotic space adventure ensues. Funny, heartfelt and hopeful, this play with music is out of this galaxy!

funeral bread

written and directed by Nigel

created using devised work from Katherine Atkinson, Kate Brugger, and Acsa Welker at BU SOT

*UPCOMING* at Davidson College

3 sisters (sorry) have one last thing to make before their uncle's funeral. they haven't seen each other in a while and hated their uncle anyways, so why are they even bothering to make anything?

a diptych about loss, bread, family, and boxes.

simply so much night

Semi-Finalist at the 11th annual Jewish Playwriting Contest.


"This piece is a warm, ethereal dream-like world as characters discover life is not just about being a Mensch, but living fully." -JPP

in a shtetl somewhere in Maine, two sisters reunite with old loves, old friends, and old selves. written while listening to a mixture of klezmer and 70’s folk songs, simply so much night is a sweet, quiet play about memory, regret, maplessness, and the meals we share together. come sit down, enjoy a feast, there’s always plenty of time.

plantasia (a romance)

plantasia is a quiet meditation about four friends and their community garden. It is about a changing city slowly encroaching on an island. It is about magical plants and the people that love them. It is about people who don't like change but love to watch things grow. It is both a play and a haiku. Mostly, it’s about dirt and love and loss and San Francisco.

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